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  • Fully insured with public liability coupled with warranty insurances.
  • Registered building practitioners providing a complete professional service
  • We employ only certified and quality tradesman, from start to finish.
  • Dedicated to achieving the most satisfying result for your property.
  • Our quality control process is regulated and maintained
  • Modern, stylish, functional, classical and sophisticated outcomes.
  • High quality bathroom solutions always on offer, for your home.
  • Hi-tech design and visualisation software for every project, with no extra cost .
  • Licenced water proofers.
  • A range of other trades, services and experts available.

Bathrooms 123 planner

  1. We come to you with the latest design technology, to begin the inaugural bathroom layout process within the comfort of your own home
  2. We then discuss a range of design options and configurations to further create the perfect bathroom blueprint, that compliments both your space and needs.
  3. We use a specific and purpose developed software application, capable of transferring the idea of your perfect bathroom, into virtual reality.
  4. We then collaborate further with you to fine tune elements of your initial bathroom design to ensure complete satisfaction.
  5. We have now completed the design phase and have the final plan to which, all the hard work begins building your new bathroom.

Bathrooms 123 guarantee

  • All fixtures and fittings utilised in your bathroom renovation carry all the required warranties
  • All tradesman are fully certified and qualified to carry out high level works and updates.
  • All OHS standards are covered and we practise and train all staff regularly
  • We are registered building practitioners.
  • We are Licenced plumbers and gas fitters carrying out fully compliant works.
  • Licenced Waterproofer carrying out all waterproofing works.