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Bathrooms 123

The best choice for your new bathroom

We are the only company that allows you to design your own personal bathroom package online, in the convenience of your armchair. The general response received from householders when embarking on any type of home renovation, is one of disappointment and anguish, bought on as a result of a combination of reasons. The most commonly heard comment we hear is that firstly businesses do not communicate as well as people expect, whether not returning phone calls, or simply just not turning up at all. Secondly there always seems to be a story of disappear, such as the client and builder have had a fall out due to a misunderstanding or misconception before the completion of the project.

At Bathrooms 123 we have a firm belief in the old adage” if you start good you will end good”. Therefore we set out on our business model which positions our clients in a no surprise, and totally in control of their own project from the get go, with our easy to see bathroom Packages which can be viewed immediately online and in the comfort of your own home. Whether an investor wanting to add capital improvements to their investment property, or first home buyer needing a new bathroom, to the avert home owner with the desire to create that perfect bathroom space, we have the right packages and bathroom service for you. It is Bathrooms 123s low overhead business model that puts money back in your pocket.

Our purpose constructed and tailored bathroom design and Visualisation software is what sets Bathrooms123 apart and has become a very beneficial tool for all our clients.

Bathrooms123 are registered Builders and licenced Plumbers, and have all relevant Certificates and Current insurance policies.

Bathrooms 123 are also proud of its elderly/disabled bathroom Packages, which assist in helping the elderly and disadvantaged people of our community enjoy the comforts of a beautiful bathroom, that is not only functional but tailored with their needs in mind.

Bathrooms 123 skills

25 Yrs Experience

Our management and team are all extremely experienced and provide the best service possible, at all times.

Dedicated Staff

Our staff are not only loyal to Bathrooms 1-2-3 but also extremely passionate about their work and standards.

Health & Safety

Out attention to detail and uncompromising standards creates an ethos of complete health and safety at all time.

Design Quality

Our efficient onsite design platform allows for a comprehensive and decisive design phase, generating perfect outcomes.

Bathrooms 123 standards